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    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Oh! Mikey

    I was never a big fan of skits until I came across the Fuccon Family! Who are the Fuccon Family? Why, they're a family who just immigrated to Japan and try their best to fit in...did I mention that they're mannequins?

    You don't even need to know that much Japanese to be able to see how funny these skits are, perhaps thats why I'm enjoying these a lot more than I should be able to. Check out the youtube page, hilarity will ensue.

    ::Quick and dirty rough translation::
    [After the bedroom scene]
    Mikey: Morning! It looks like today is going to going to have fine weather...uh about what happened last night...
    Mama: Yea- Yeah! It really does look like today is going to have fine weather, huh Mikey?
    Papa: You're right! Its definitely going to be a great weather, right Mikey? Yeah, today sure is going to be great
    Mikey: So could I ask about what mama and papa were doing last night...

    Mikey: Last night-
    Mama: Mikey! You shouldn't ask what we were doing
    Papa: Yeah, you shouldn't be asking thins like that.
    Mikey: Eh?
    Mama: We were huh su- sumo. Doing sumo!
    Papa: Exactly! What we were doing was Sumo Mikey! After all Sumo is Japans national sport, Mama and Papa were learning about it in bed.

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